this is a blog. kind of.

If you've ever subscribed to our "mailing list" you know we can't keep up with sending out weekly or even monthly emails. So this is a space where we can tell you a little bit about ourselves and what's going on with the truck, our future plans, our dreams and we can chat. Also, this is Marla. And mostly will be. 

We have a lot on the horizon this season. We're moving into a country club in June and taking over their kitchen with our crazy fusion food. It's a really great group of people and we're excited to get to know them better, provide some delicious meals, and help grow both of our businesses. If you'd like to check them out, head over to Indian Lake Golf Club. We'd love to have you join the fun! We have most of our favorite annual events coming up as well! Woodruff Place Flea Market, Sun King Anniversary Party, and Feast of Lanterns to name a few! We're also discussing a Food Truck Festival Showdown in the early fall with some of our food truck friends. Let us know if you'd be interested in attending something like that. 

Check out our schedule for the next few weeks on the schedule tab. Until next time!